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Monmouth County Purchasing Division

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Code Description
005-05 Abrasives Equipment And Tools
005-14 Abrasives, Coated: Cloth, Fiber, Sandpaper, Etc.
005-21 Abrasives, Sandblasting, Metal
005-28 Abrasives, Sandblasting, Other Than Metal
005-42 Abrasives, Solid: Wheels, Stones, Etc.
005-56 Abrasives, Tumbling (Wheel)
005-63 Compounds, Grinding And Polishing: Carborundum, Diamond, Etc. (See Class 075 For Valve Grinding Compounds)
005-70 Pumice Stone (Inactive, Effective January 1, 2016)
005-75 Recycled Abrasives, Products And Supplies
005-84 Wool, Steel, Aluminum, Copper, And Lead
Code Description
010-05 Acoustical Tile, All Types, Including Recycled Types
010-08 Acoustical Tile Accessories: Channels, Grids, Mounting Hardware, Rods, Runners, Suspension Brackets, Tees, Wall Angles, And Wires
010-09 Acoustical Tile Insulation
010-11 Adhesives And Cements, Acoustical Tile
010-14 Adhesives And Cements, Insulation
010-17 Insulation, Aluminum Foil
010-30 Hardware, Pipe Insulation: Bands, Clips, And Wires
010-38 Hardware, Duct Insulation: Clips, Pins, Etc.
010-41 Insulation: Cork, Blocks, Boards, Sheets, Etc.
010-45 Insulation And Finish Systems, Exterior
010-53 Insulation, Fiberglass: Batts, Blankets And Rolls
010-56 Foam Glass: Blocks, Sheets, Etc.
010-57 Insulation, Foam-In-Place: Phenolic, Urethane, Etc.
010-59 Insulation, Foam Plastics: Blocks, Boards, Sheets, Etc.
010-61 Insulation, Reflective, Radiant Barrier
010-62 Insulation, Interior
010-63 Insulation, Blown Type
010-64 Insulation, Loose Fill
010-65 Insulation Jacketing, Canvas, Osnaburg, Etc.
010-70 Insulation, Magnesia, Blocks, Sheets, Etc.
010-72 Insulation, Mineral Wool: Blankets, Blocks, Boards
010-75 Insulation Paints, Primers, Sealers, Etc.
010-76 Insulation, Paper Type Material, Cellulose, Etc.
010-78 Insulation, Pipe And Tubing, All Types
010-81 Insulation, Preformed, All Types, Ells, Tees, Valves, Etc.
010-83 Recycled Insulation Materials And Supplies, All Types
010-84 Insulation, Rubber
Code Description
015-06 Addressing Machine Supplies, Metal And Plastic Plate Type
015-10 Addressing Machine Supplies, Paper Plate Type
015-15 Chemicals And Supplies, Dry, Bond Paper Type Copying Machines
015-16 Chemicals And Supplies, Wet, Bond Paper Type Copying Machines
015-20 Chemicals And Supplies, Duplicating Machines
015-25 Chemicals, Inks, And Supplies, Mimeograph Machines)
015-38 Paper, Chemicals, And Supplies, Blueline Machines
015-39 Paper, Chemicals, And Supplies, Coated Or Treated Paper Type Copying Machines, (See 305-39 For Diazo Process Copy Machines
015-45 Paper, Chemicals, And Supplies, Diffusion Transfer Type Copying Machines, (See 305-39 For Diazo Process Copy Machines)
015-55 Paper And Supplies, Dual Spectrum Process Copying Machines, (See 305-39 For Diazo Process Copy Machines)
015-70 Paper, Chemicals, And Supplies. Thermal Process Copying Machines, (See 305-39 For Diazo Process Copy Machines)
015-77 Recycled Copying And Duplicating Supplies
Code Description
019-20 Barley
019-21 Berry Crops
019-24 Buckwheat
019-30 Corn
019-32 Cotton
019-41 Fruits, Citrus
019-42 Fruits, Deciduous Tree
019-47 Grapes
019-50 Hops
019-53 Melons
019-54 Millet
019-56 Nuts, Tree
019-58 Oats
019-60 Potatoes
019-62 Pumpkins
019-66 Rice
019-67 Rye
019-72 Sorghum
019-73 Soybeans
019-78 Sugarcane And Sugarbeets
019-85 Tobacco
019-90 Vegetables, (Not Otherwise Classified)
019-94 Wheat
Code Description
022-04 Brush Chipper, Cutter And Saw Parts
022-13 Cultivating Equipment Parts
022-15 Cutter And Shredder, Mower: Flail, Rotary, Reel, And Sickle Bar Parts
022-30 Fertilizer Distributor Parts
022-41 Harvesting Equipment Parts
022-42 Haying Equipment Parts
022-43 Herbicide, Insecticide And Fungicide Applicator And Distributor Parts
022-49 Implement Parts, John Deere
022-51 Implement Parts. Ford, New Holland
022-53 Implement Parts, Case/Ih International Harvester
022-54 Implement Parts, Kubota
022-58 Implement Parts, Farm Equipment, (Not Otherwise Classified)
022-62 Irrigation System Parts, Agricultural
022-70 Planting Equipment Parts
022-71 Processing Machinery Parts, Environmental
022-73 Posthole Digger, Tractor Mounted Parts
022-74 Recycled Agricultural And Implement Parts
022-75 Sprigger And Seeder Parts, Grass
022-77 Tillage Equipment Parts
022-80 Tractor (Farm And Garden) Parts
022-82 Tree Spade And Forestry Equipment Parts
022-95 Unloader And Elevator, Grain Equipment Parts
022-97 Wagon Parts
Code Description
020-02 Backhoe, Farm Tractor
020-04 Brush And Tree Chippers
020-06 Brush Cutters And Saws, Motor Driven
020-10 Counters, Acre
020-13 Cultivating Equipment, Farm: Go-Devils, Row Type Shovel Cultivators, Tooth And Spring Harrows, Etc.
020-14 Curb Edger, Heavy Duty, Tractor Mounted
020-15 Cutters And Shredders, Mowers, Heavy Duty, Flail: Tow Type And Center Mount Type
020-16 Cutters And Shredders, Mowers, Heavy Duty, Reel And Rotary: Tow Type And Center Mount Type
020-18 Dozer Blades. Farm Tractors
020-20 Drying Equipment, Grain
020-23 Ensilage Cutters
020-25 Farm Wagons
020-27 Feed Mills And Mixers
020-28 Feed Wagons
020-30 Fertilizer Applicators And Fittings: Liquid And Gas
020-31 Fertilizer Distributors, Dry, Commercial (See Class 515 For Lawn Type Distributors)
020-33 Garden Tractors, Cultivators, And Plows
020-34 Gang Mowers, Reel Type, Towed
020-35 Grain Bins And Tanks
020-36 Grading Machines For Seeds, Grains And Dried Vegetables
020-37 Grass Seed Strippers And Cleaners
020-39 Grass Spriggers And Seeders
020-40 Grinding Mills: Seed, Grain, Dried Vegetable
020-41 Harvesting Equipment: Bean, Corn, And Pea Pickers And Shellers, Combines, Cotton And Fruit Pickers, Headers, Sled Cutters And Threshers
020-43 Haying Equipment: Balers, Dryers, Elevators And Rakes, Etc.
020-46 Herbicide, Insecticide And Fungicide Applicators And Distributors
020-49 Irrigation Equipment And Supplies, Agricultural
020-59 Land Levelers
020-61 Loaders, Tractor Mounted, Farm
020-62 Log Splitters
020-63 Manure Spreaders
020-64 Mower, Articulated Boom: Flail, Rotary, Or Sickle Head
020-65 Mower, Steep Slope Type With Cutter Head On Telescoping Boom: Flail, Rotary, Or Sickle Bar Cutter Heads, For Mounting On Tractors Or Trucks (See Class 515 For Lawn Type Mowers)
020-66 Mower, Tractor Mounted, Steep Slope Type With Cutter Head On Telescoping Boom): Flail, Rotary, Or Sickle Bar Cutter Heads (See Class 515 For Lawn Type Mowers)
020-67 Mower-Tractor Unit Or Self-Propelled Mower, For Slope Mowing (See Class 515 For Lawn Type Mowers)
020-68 Mower, Center Mounted; And Tractor (See Class 515 For Lawn Type Mowers)
020-69 Pasture Renovators
020-71 Planting Equipment, Broadcasting
020-72 Planting Equipment, Drilling
020-73 Planting Equipment, Row Crop
020-74 Processing Machinery And Equipment, Agricultural
020-75 Posthole Diggers, Tractor Mounted
020-76 Protection Structures, Rollover (Rops)
020-77 Pulverizers And Rotary Tillers, Soil
020-78 Recycled Agricultural Equipment Accessories And Supplies
020-79 Rock Pickers And Rakes
020-80 Processing Machinery And Equipment Agricultural Environmental: Anerobic Digesters, Waste To Energy
020-81 Rodent Control Equipment, Tractor Operated
020-82 Spade, Tree (Truck Or Trailer Mounted, Or Three-Point Hook-Up For Tractor Mounting) And Other Tree Transplanting And Diggers
020-83 Sweeps And Other Steel Shapes
020-84 Soil Mixers And Samplers
020-85 Terracing Equipment
020-87 Tillage Equipment, Heavy Duty, Farm: Blade Plows, Disc Harrows, Listers, Rotary Hoes, Tool Bars, Etc.
020-89 Tractors, Farm, Wheel Type
020-90 Tree And Root Cutters And Stump Grinders, Tractor Mounted
020-91 Tree Girdlers And Timber Tongs
020-93 Umbrellas, Tractor
020-95 Unloaders And Elevators, Grain
020-96 Wedges, Steel, Tree Felling And Splitting
Code Description
025-10 Compressor, Bare Unit, Not Mounted Or Powered: 15 Hp And Less
025-20 Compressor, Bare Unit, Not Mounted Or Powered: Over 15 Hp
025-30 Compressor, Base Or Tank Mounted: Electric Motor Or Engine Driven, 15 Hp And Less, Including Parts And Accessories
025-40 Compressor, Base Or Tank Mounted: Electric Motor Or Engine Driven, Over 15 Hp, Including Parts And Accessories
025-43 Compressor: High Pressure, All Sizes And Models
025-45 Compressor, Portable: Electric Motor Or Engine Driven, 5 Hp And Less, Including Parts And Accessories
025-50 Compressor, Portable, Electric Motor Or Engine Driven: Over 25 Cfm At 100 Psi, Including Parts And Accessories
025-55 Dryers, Desiccant Air
025-60 Filters, Air Gauges And Valves, Pressure Regulators, Shock Mounts, Etc.
025-70 Moisture Separators, Non-Refrigerated
025-80 Moisture Separators, Refrigerated
025-85 Motors, Air Compressor
025-90 Recycled Air Compressor Accessories And Supplies
Code Description
031-02 Air Conditioning Units, Portable Or Room Ac Units, Computer Rooms, Hospital Rooms, Sporting Events, Etc.
031-03 Air Conditioners Systems, Commercial And Industrial, Including Parts And Accessories, (Not Otherwise Classified)
031-04 Air Conditioners: Controlled Environment, Computer Rooms, Etc., Including Parts And Accessories, (Not Otherwise Classified)
031-05 Air Conditioning And Heating Systems, Window And Wall Mounted, Ductless, Including Parts And Accessories, (Not Otherwise Classified)
031-06 Air Conditioning And Heating Central Air Systems, Including Parts And Accessories, (Not Otherwise Classified)
031-07 Air Circulation Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
031-08 Air Curtains
031-09 Air Flow Meters
031-10 Air Purifiers, Accessories And Supplies
031-11 Blowers, Industrial Types
031-13 Chillers, Heat Exchangers And Receivers
031-14 Chilled Water System, Portable
031-15 Chilled Water Meter System
031-16 Coatings And Sealants, Duct
031-17 Coils, Chilled Or Heated Water, And Direct Expansion
031-18 Coil And Fan Units, Air Conditioning
031-20 Compressors, Air Conditioning, Window Unit Type Including Parts And Accessories
031-21 Compressors, Air Conditioning, Industrial Type, And Parts
031-23 Condensing Units (For Air Conditioners)
031-24 Controls, Cooling Tower Water Treatment: Ph, Conductivity, Corrosion Sensors
031-25 Controls, Limit Switches, Relays, Thermostats, Gas Valves, Etc.
031-26 Control Systems: Complete, Automatic Temperature Control
031-27 Cooling Tower Water Treatment: Non-Chemical Ozone, Centrifugal Separators, Magnetic Descaling Equip. (See Class 885 For Chemical Types)
031-28 Cooling Towers, Forced Air, Gravity, Etc.
031-29 Dampers, Motorized
031-30 Dehumidifiers And Humidifiers
031-31 Duct Cleaning Equipment, Air
031-32 Duct, Prefabricated, Flexible Or Rigid: Glass Fiber, Plastic, Etc.
031-33 Duct, Fabricated, Metal
031-34 Dust Collectors, Industrial Type
031-36 Electronic Air Cleaners, Electrostatic Precipitators, Ozonators, Including Parts And Accessories
031-38 Evaporative Coolers
031-40 Fans, Industrial Types: Attic, Exhaust, Forced Draft, Etc., Including Fan Blades And Fan Parts
031-41 Fans, Room Type: Ceiling And Portable Type, Stationary And Oscillating
031-43 Filter Coating, Adhesive, Coil Cleaners, Degreasing Solvents, Etc.
031-44 Filters, Air Conditioning And Furnace, Permanent Type
031-45 Filters, Air Conditioning And Furnace, Disposable Type
031-46 Filters And Filter Media, Evaporative Cooler
031-49 Filter Frames, Metal
031-50 Freon
031-51 Furnaces, Central Heating Type, Forced Air, Gas Fired
031-53 Grilles, Diffusers, Registers, Etc.
031-55 Hand Tools, Hvac Maintenance, Testing, Recording, Detection, Etc.
031-56 Heat Pumps
031-57 Heaters, Electric, Baseboard Type, Including Parts And Accessories (Inactive, Please See Commodity Code 031-58 Effective January 1, 2016)
031-58 Heaters, Electric, Baseboard, Panel Or Wall Type, Including Parts And Accessories
031-59 Heaters, Electric, Portable, Including Parts And Accessories
031-60 Heaters, Gas-Fired: Space, All Types, Including Parts And Accessories
031-61 Heaters, Gas-Fired: Wall Type, Vented And Unvented, Including Parts And Accessories
031-62 Heaters, Kerosene Or Oil Fired: Space Type, Vented And Unvented, Including Parts And Accessories
031-63 Heaters, Space, Steam
031-65 Heating Elements, Electric
031-66 Hydronic Specialties
031-67 Hvac Equipment, Accessories And Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
031-69 Odor Control Equipment, Room Or Portable Type, Including Parts And Accessories
031-70 Odor Control Equipment, Duct Air, Including Ozone Type
031-72 Pumps, Descaling Acid
031-73 Pumps, Refrigerant Circulating
031-74 Pumps, Refrigerant Vacuum
031-75 Radiators, Heating
031-76 Refurbished Hvac Products, Including Parts And Accessories
031-78 Roof Ventilators, Power Driven, Including Refurbished Types
031-79 Roof Ventilators, Wind Driven, Including Refurbished Types
031-80 Solar Heating Units
031-82 Stoves, Wood Or Coal
031-87 Testing And Recording Instruments, Ac And Heating (Inactive, See Commodity Code 031-55, Effective January 1, 2016)
031-89 Thermometers And Gauges, Ac And Heating
031-91 Unit Heaters, Electric, Duct And Suspended Types
031-92 Unit Heaters, Gas-Fired, Duct And Suspended Types
031-93 Unit Heaters, Gas-Fire, Radiant And Infrared, Portable And Stationary
031-94 Unit Heaters, Steam And Hot Water Types
031-95 Ventilation Equipment And Systems (See 031-78, 79 For Roof Ventilators)
031-96 Vent Pipes, Fittings, And Accessories
031-97 Vacuum System, Central, Including Filters, Parts And Accessories
Code Description
035-02 Air Conditioning Units, Aircraft, Cooling Interiors While At The Gate
035-03 Aeronautical Charts And Maps
035-04 Aircraft Avionics, (Not Otherwise Classified): Navigation Instruments, Transponders, Global Positioning Systems, Etc.
035-05 Aircraft Crash Locators, Including Parts And Accessories
035-06 Aircraft Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
035-07 Aircraft Fuselage And Components
035-08 Aircraft Fenders
035-09 Aircraft Communications Radio
035-10 Aircraft Navigation Radio
035-11 Aircraft Master Control Systems, Computer, Etc.
035-15 Aircraft Radar
035-16 Aircraft, Remotely Operated: Surveillance, Search And Rescue
035-20 Airplanes
035-21 Airships
035-22 Airport Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
035-23 Airport Equipment Ground Power For Aircraft At The Gates
035-25 Automatic Pilot Systems
035-26 Baggage Handling Equipment, Including Parts And Accessories
035-27 Beacons, Visual And Runway Lights
035-28 Cameras And Accessories, Aerial Photograph
035-29 Drop Equipment And Supplies, Aerial
035-30 Engines And Parts, Airplane
035-31 Encryption/Decryption Systems, Aircraft
035-32 Ejection Or Escape Systems, Aircraft
035-35 Engines And Parts, Helicopter
035-37 Engine Instruments: Fuel, Manifold And Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Tachometers, Etc.
035-40 Equipment And Supplies, Airplane (Not Otherwise Classified)
035-44 Fire Control Systems, Aircraft
035-45 Equipment And Supplies, Navigation, Helicopter (Not Otherwise Classified)
035-46 Flight Instruments: Airspeed, Altimeters, Attitude And Turn And Bank Indicators, Etc.
035-47 Flight Simulator
035-48 Gliders
035-49 Hydraulic Systems, Aircraft
035-50 Helicopters
035-52 Hot Air Balloons
035-54 Information Display Systems, Flight (F.I.D.S. - Airport)
035-55 Instrument Landing Systems
035-60 Instruments And Testers, Airplane
035-65 Instruments And Testers, Helicopter
035-66 Landing And Braking Systems And Components, Aircraft
035-67 Lights: Anti-Collision, Landing, Navigations, Etc.
035-68 Metal Crack Detection Dyes
035-69 Magnetometers, Security Screening Equipment
035-70 Parts, Airplane, Except Engine
035-71 Oxygen Equipment, Aircraft
035-72 Parachutes And Drag Chutes
035-75 Parts (Except Engine), Helicopter
035-76 Power Systems, Aircraft
035-77 Photographs, Aerial
035-78 Ramps And Passenger Transportation Vehicles, Aircraft Boarding
035-79 Recycled Aircraft And Airport Equipment, Accessories And Supplies
035-80 Snow Melters For Runways, Taxiways, Roads And Streets (See Class 765 For Other Types Of Snow Equipment)
035-81 Sweepers, Runway (See 765-77 For Street Sweepers)
035-82 Taxiway And Runway Testing Equipment And Supplies
035-83 Tanks, Fuel, Aircraft, Including Parts And Accessories
035-85 Tools, Airplane
035-90 Tools, Helicopter
035-91 Tow Bars For Moving Aircraft At The Airport
035-92 Wind Tees And Wind Socks, Airport
035-93 Tugs And Tractors For Moving Aircraft At The Airport
035-94 Warning Systems, Aircraft: Emergency, Fire, Escape, Ejection, Etc.
035-95 X-Ray Scanner, Passenger Baggage
035-96 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Uav), Drones
Code Description
905-03 Aerial Patrolling Services, Not Survey
905-04 Aerial Photogrammetry Services
905-05 Aerial Photography And Videography Services, Including Drones
905-10 Aerial Surveys And Mapping Services (See 962-52 For Standard Survey And Mapping Services)
905-11 Aircraft Painting Services
905-12 Aircraft Crash Removal Services
905-13 Aircraft Washing, Waxing And Polishing Services
905-14 Airplane And Helicopter Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
905-15 Aircraft Refurbishing, Soundproofing, Etc. Services
905-16 Airplanes, Helicopters And Accessories Maintenance And Repair Services
905-17 Airport Ground Handling Services
905-18 Airport Runway Friction Testing Services
905-19 Air Cargo Services: Developers, Operators, Etc.
905-20 Air Rescue And Transfer Services, Patients
905-26 Air Traffic Control Services
905-28 Aviation Analytical Studies Services, Including Surveys (See 918-12 For Consulting)
905-31 Concessions, Airport: Art Gallery
905-32 Concessions, Airport: Business Center
905-33 Concessions, Airport: Currency Exchange
905-34 Concessions, Airport: Food
905-35 Concessions, Airport: Gift Shops, Specialties
905-36 Concessions, Airport: Miscellaneous
905-37 Concessions, Airport: Pay Telephone
905-38 Deicing Fluid Recovery Services, Aircraft
905-41 Dusting And Seeding Services, Crop, Aerial
905-47 Falconry Services (See 910-59 For Other Bird Proofing Services)
905-50 Paging System Services, Airport
905-53 Pilot Training Services
905-59 Radio Frequency Access Services
905-60 Removal Of Rubber Deposits From Runways
905-66 Runway Grooving Services, Airport
905-67 Runway Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
905-68 Security Screening Services, Personnel
905-69 Signage Services, Aircraft And Airport
905-70 Storage Space Services, Not Building Lease, Aircraft
905-71 Spacecraft Cargo Transport Services
905-72 Spacecraft Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
905-80 Traveler's Assistance Services
905-90 Waste Disposal Services, Aircraft
Code Description
037-18 Bar, Snack And Soda, Equipment And Accessories
037-23 Cards: Greeting And Gift, Including Recycled Types
037-25 Carnival And Fair Equipment: Inflatables, Bounce Houses, Interactive Games
037-28 Collections: Coin, Stamp, Comic Books, Etc.
037-34 Decorations: Holiday, Party, Etc.
037-35 Decorative Household Or Office Items, (Not Otherwise Classified)
037-43 Gifts, Including Gift Cards And Gift Certificates
037-52 Novelties, Promotional And Specialty Products, Including Biodegradable
037-56 Paper, Crepe
037-63 Recycled Decorations, Games And Toys
037-64 Replicas: Food, Fruit, Etc.
037-75 Soda Fountain Equipment And Accessories, Including Slush Machines, (See 165-50 For Malt And Milkshake Machines)
037-78 Souvenirs And Prizes: Promotional, Advertising, Etc.
037-84 Toys And Games, Including Coloring Books And Activity Items, Not Educational Type, (See 208-47; 209-48; 785-53; And 805-51 For Other Type Games)
037-88 Video Game Machines
037-89 Video And On-Line Games
Code Description
040-01 Amphibia: Frogs, Toads, Salamanders And Other Cold Blooded Vertebrates, Live
040-02 Animal Carriers
040-03 Animal Care Supplies: Collars, Clothing, Leashes, Litter Boxes, Etc.
040-04 Animal Training Equipment And Supplies
040-05 Bees
040-07 Birds
040-08 Cages And Shelters, Animal And Marine Life (See Class 495 For Laboratory Type)
040-09 Cats, All Types
040-10 Cattle, Beef, Breeding Stock
040-11 Cattle, Beef, Commercial
040-20 Cattle, Dairy
040-21 Chickens
040-22 Chicks, Meat Type, Baby
040-24 Chicks, Meat Type, Starter
040-26 Cockerels, All Types, Baby
040-28 Cockerels, All Types, Starter
040-30 Dogs, All Types
040-35 Earthworms
040-37 Electronic Identification Systems Used For Inventory And Tracking Of Animals
040-40 Fish, Brood And Fingerling
040-42 Fish (Not Otherwise Classified)
040-45 Fish, Tropical
040-48 Fur Bearing Animals (Not Otherwise Classified)
040-50 Goats
040-58 Hibernation Boxes, Butterfly, Ladybug, Etc.
040-60 Hogs, Pigs And Swine, Breeding Stock
040-61 Hogs, Pigs And Swine, Commercial
040-70 Horses
040-71 Houses And Cages, Bird
040-72 Insects, (Not Otherwise Classified)
040-75 Marine Life (Not Otherwise Classified)
040-80 Mules And Donkeys
040-82 Pullets
040-83 Pullets, Laying Types, Baby
040-84 Pullets, Laying Types, Starter
040-85 Rabbits
040-86 Recycled Animal, Bird, And Marine Life Accessories And Supplies
040-87 Rodents (See 495-12,13 For Experimental Types)
040-88 Reptiles, Live
040-90 Sheep
040-91 Specialty Items For Shows And Entertainment, Perches, Hoods, Hoops, Etc.
040-92 Toys For Pets And Zoo Animals
040-93 Turkeys, Baby
040-94 Turkeys, Starter
040-95 Wildlife And Pet Bands, Labels And Tags, Not Electronic
040-96 Zoo Animals, All Types
Code Description
045-06 Appliances, Small, Electric, Household (Not Otherwise Classified)
045-12 Appliances, Small, Non-Electric, Household (Not Otherwise Classified)
045-14 Blenders, Household
045-15 Bread Makers, Household
045-17 Can Openers, Household
045-18 Cleaners And Sweepers, Hand-Operated, Household
045-20 Coffeemakers, All Types, Household
045-21 Cooking And Food Preparation Utensils, All Types, Household
045-22 Cookware And Bakeware, Household (Not Otherwise Classified)
045-24 Dishwashers, Household
045-25 Dishes, Drinking Utensils, And Serving Ware, Household
045-30 Disposal Units, Household
045-40 Flatware And Cutlery, Household
045-46 Hot Plates And Burners, Gas Or Electric, Household
045-47 Irons, Clothes, Household
045-48 Ironing Tables And Boards, Household
045-49 Ironing Table (Board) Pads And Covers (Inactive, Please See Commodity Code 045-48 Effective January 1, 2016)
045-50 Kitchen Units, Compact, Complete, Household (Inactive, Effective January 1, 2016)
045-51 Mixers, Food, Household
045-52 Ovens, Microwave And Convection, Household
045-54 Ranges, Stove Tops, And Ovens, Electric, Household
045-60 Ranges, Stove Tops, And Ovens, Gas, Household
045-64 Recycled Appliances And Accessories, Household
045-66 Refrigerators And Freezers, Household
045-70 Skillets, Electric, Household
045-72 Storage Baskets: Metal And Plastic (For Freezers), Household
045-73 Toasters And Toaster Ovens, Household
045-74 Tools, Appliance, Household
045-75 Trash Compactors, Household (See 165 And 545 For Other Types)
045-77 Vacuum Cleaners, Manual, Including Parts And Accessories, Household
045-78 Vacuum Cleaners, Electric, Including Parts And Accessories, Household
045-84 Vent Hoods, Ranges, Household
045-85 Vent Kits, Household Laundry Dryer
045-92 Washers And Dryers, Coin-Operated Type (Inactive, Please See Commodity Code 500-96 Effective January 1, 2016)
045-94 Washers And Dryers, Household
045-95 Water Softeners, Household
Code Description
907-14 Architectural Services, Non-Licensed (Not Otherwise Classified)
907-28 Communications Systems; Tv, Microwave, Telephone, Computer, Network
907-35 Design Services
907-38 Drafting Services
907-40 Engineering Services, Non-Licensed (Not Otherwise Classified), Including Consulting
907-42 Geotechnical - Soils
907-72 Safety Engineering And Accident Studies; Osha Studies
907-75 Site Assessment And Site Field Observation
907-83 Testing Services
Code Description
906-02 Acoustics, Noise Abatement, Architectural Services
906-04 Agricultural Development, Architectural Services
906-06 Airports, Lighting, Fueling, Navaids, Architectural Services
906-07 Architect Services, Professional, (Not Otherwise Classified), Including Consulting
906-08 Automation; Controls; Instrumentation, Architectural Services
906-10 Buildings, Architectural Design Services
906-12 Building Sanitation, Architectural Services
906-14 Cemeteries, Planning And Relocation, Architectural Services
906-16 Chemical Processing And Storage, Architectural Services
906-18 Cold Storage; Refrigeration; Fast Freeze, Architectural Services
906-19 Concrete, Architectural Services
906-22 Corrosion Control; Cathodic Protection; Electrolysis, Architectural Services
906-24 Desalinization, Process And Facilities, Architectural Services
906-25 Design Build, Architectural Services (Inactive, Effective January 1, 2016)
906-26 Electronics, Architectural Services
906-27 Energy Management, Architectural Services
906-28 Energy Conservation; New Energy Sources, Solar, Etc., Architectural Services
906-29 Environmental And Energy, Architectural Services
906-30 Fire Protection, Architectural Services
906-32 Fisheries; Fish Ladders, Architectural Services
906-33 Forensic, Architectural Services
906-34 Freight Handling; Materials Handling, Architectural Services
906-36 Gas Systems, Propane, Natural, Etc., Architectural Services
906-38 General Construction, Architectural Services
906-40 Graphic Design, Architectural Services
906-42 Harbors; Jetties; Piers; Ship Terminal Facilities, Architectural Services
906-44 Heating; Ventilating; Air Conditioning, Architectural Services
906-46 Highways; Streets; Airport Pay-Parking Lots, Architectural Services
906-48 Historical Preservation
906-50 Industrial Processes; Quality Control (Inactive, Effective January 1, 2016)
906-52 Interior Design, Decorating, Space Planning, Exhibits And Displays
906-54 Irrigation; Drainage; Flood Control, Architectural Services
906-56 Landscape, Architectural Services
906-57 Land Development And Planning, Architectural Services
906-58 Lighting, Interior, Exterior, Architectural Services
906-60 Mining And Mineralogy, Architectural Services
906-61 Models Of Layouts And Buildings To Scale, Architectural Services
906-62 Petroleum And Fuel, Storage And Distribution, Architectural Services
906-64 Planning, Urban, Community, Regional, Area Wide, And State
906-66 Planning, Site, Installation And Project
906-68 Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Architectural Services
906-69 Correctional Facilities, Architectural Design Services
906-70 Railroad; Rapid Transit; Monorail, Architectural Services
906-72 Recreation Facilities, Parks, Marinas, Etc., Architectural Services
906-74 Recycling Systems, Architectural Services
906-78 Security Systems; Intruder And Smoke Detection, Architectural Services
906-80 Sewage Collection, Treatment, And Disposal, Architectural Services
906-82 Solid Waste Disposal Systems, Architectural Services
906-83 Sports Facility, Architectural Services
906-84 Telecommunications Systems, Telephone, Cellular, Radio, Etc., Architectural Services
906-88 Towers, Architectural Services
906-90 Tunnels And Subways, Architectural Services
906-92 Utilities, Gas, Steam, Electric, Architectural Services
906-93 Video And Audio Systems Design, Architectural Services (Inactive, Please See Commodity Code 906-26 Effective January 1, 2016)
906-94 Water Supply, Treatment And Distribution, Architectural Services
Code Description
050-10 Block Printing Supplies
050-20 Casters, Drying Racks
050-23 Coatings, Protective, Artwork
050-30 Cloth (For Application Of Designs And Transfers): Burlap, Linen, Etc.
050-40 Drawing And Painting Supplies: Brushes, Canvas, Chalk, Colors (Acrylic, Oil, Water, Etc.), Crayons, Palettes, Paper And Pads, Staples, Etc.
050-43 Glue, Paste, Etc., Art
050-46 Letter Cutting Machine
050-50 Engraving, Etching, And Lithography Equipment And Supplies, Burins, Etc.
050-59 Paper, Art, Various Types
050-60 Picture Frames And Framing Supplies: Mat Cutters, Mats, Molding, Stretcher Strips, Etc.
050-67 Racks, Art Drying, Portable And Stationary
050-69 Recycled Art Equipment And Supplies
050-80 Sculpturing Equipment And Supplies: Carving Boards, Casting Materials, Modeling Clay, Sculptor's Tools, Etc.
050-82 Shapes, Strings, Tapes, Twists, Etc. Decorative Art Items
050-85 Silk Screen Process Supplies
050-87 Stained Glass Supplies
Code Description
052-02 Antiques
052-08 Ceramic And Glass Objects: Shadow Boxes, Stained Glass, Etc.
052-12 Collectibles, Museum Pieces, Etc., (Not Otherwise Classified)
052-14 Cut-Outs, Life Size And Oversized, Of Animals And Symbols
052-16 Drawings, Originals
052-24 Engravings, Etchings, Linocuts, Lithographs, Scrolls, Serigraphs, And Similar Reproductions
052-32 Fabric Designs: Silk Screen, Etc.
052-40 Masks
052-48 Mixed Media
052-50 Murals
052-51 Murals, Clay
052-52 Murals, Glass
052-53 Murals, Photographic: Kiln Fired, Image Sublimation
052-54 Murals: Stone, Tile
052-55 Murals, Wall
052-56 Paintings, Originals: Oil, Acrylic, Water Color, Etc.
052-64 Photographs
052-72 Posters And Prints, Not Originals
052-76 Recycled Art Objects
052-80 Sculptures: Marble, Metal, Plastic, Etc.
052-88 Wood Carvings And Woodcuts
Code Description
071-02 All Terrain Amphibious Vehicles, Search And Rescue
071-03 Ambulances And Rescue Vehicles (See 072-30 For Fire Protection And Crash Rescue Trucks)
071-04 Automobiles
071-05 Automobiles, Police And Security Equipped
071-14 Bus Chassis, School
071-15 Buses Complete, School, Conventional Type, (See Classes 556 Thru 559 For Mass Transit Vehicles)
071-16 Buses Complete, School (Small Vehicle Type)
071-17 Buses And Vans, Inmate Transport (Incl. Special Components)
071-20 Electric Personal Assisted Mobility Device (Epamd)
071-53 Motor Scooters And Trucksters, Including All Terrain Types, Golf Carts, Etc.
071-55 Motor Homes, Including Bookmobiles, Mobile And Field Offices, Etc.
071-56 Motorcycles
071-76 Snowmobiles (See Class 765 For Snow Blowers And Plows)
071-77 Specialty Vehicles
071-80 Suv Type Vehicles, Including Carryalls
071-86 Trams, Touring
071-90 Vans, Cargo
071-91 Vans, Customized
071-92 Vans, Passenger, Regular And Handicapped Equipped
Code Description
055-02 Air Bags, Automotive
055-04 Air Conditioners, Automotive, Including Parts And Accessories
055-05 Anti-Theft And Security Devices, Automotive
055-06 Top Carriers, Automotive
055-08 Belts, Safety, Child Restraint Systems, Car Seats, Automotive
055-10 Brake Adjusters (Inactive, Please See Commodity Code 060-14 Effective January 1, 2016)
055-11 Bug Screens And Protective Shields, Automotive
055-12 Cameras, Video, Automotive
055-13 Car Seats For Infants (Inactive, Please See Commodity Code 055-08 Effective January 1, 2016)
055-15 Chains And Traction Belts, Tire, Automotive
055-16 Consoles, Police, Automobiles (Includes Controls For P.A., Sirens, Warning Devices)
055-17 Console Accessories, Emergency Response Automobiles
055-18 Controls, Physically Impaired, Automotive
055-20 Conversion Kits And Systems: Cng, Lpg, Etc. Gases, Automotive
055-21 Couplings And Hitches, Automotive
055-24 Cushions And Covers, Seat, Automotive
055-27 Emergency Kits: First Aid Kit, Tools, Etc., Automotive
055-28 Fans, Cab (Inactive, Effective January 1, 2016)
055-30 Fifth Wheels (Inactive, Effective January 1, 2016)
055-32 Gauges, Automotive, Including Speedometers
055-33 Grease Guns, Automotive
055-34 Generators, 110V, Attached To And Operated By Automotive Engine
055-35 Global Positioning Systems For Tracking Vehicles
055-36 Grille Guards And Crash Cushions, Automotive
055-37 Headlights, Lamps, Automotive, Including Parts And Accessories
055-38 Heaters, Defrosters, And Defogging Systems, Automotive
055-39 Immobilizer Devices, Automotive
055-40 Interior Trim Items, Automotive
055-43 Labeling Systems, Automotive
055-46 Lights And Lens: Back-Up, Stop, Tail, And Parking, Automotive
055-48 Lights And Lens: Clearance And Marker, Including License Plate Lights, Automotive
055-51 Lights And Lens: Directional And Turn Signal, Automotive
055-54 Lights And Lens: Emergency, Flood, Trouble And Spotlights, Automotive
055-56 Lights And Lens: Miniature, Automotive
055-57 Lights And Accessories: Flashing, Light Bars, Revolving, And Warning, Including Strobe/Warning Lights, Automotive
055-58 Lights And Lens, Automotive (Not Otherwise Classified)
055-61 Mats, Floor (See 760-56 For Heavy Equipment Type), Automotive
055-64 Mirrors: Rearview, Interior And Exterior, Automotive
055-66 Moisture Separators, Automotive
055-67 Mounting Hardware: Laptops, Gps, Cameras, Electronic Devices, Etc. Automotive.
055-68 Monitors, Computerized And Wireless, Including Equipment Utilization, Engine/Driver Performance, Brakes, Lights, Rpm, Temperature, Etc.
055-69 Organizers: Cup Holders, Tissue Dispenser, Etc., Automotive
055-70 Power Takeoff, Automotive
055-72 Propane/Butane Or Natural Gas Conversion Equipment, Automotive
055-74 Racks: Gun, Hat, Etc., Automotive
055-75 Reel Assembly, Cable, Mounted, Automotive
055-76 Reflectors, Automotive
055-78 Seats, Including Parts And Accessories, Automotive
055-79 Sirens, Horns And Back-Up Alarms, Automotive
055-82 Splash Guards, Automotive
055-83 Switches And Flashers, Automotive
055-85 Tanks, Fuel, Auxiliary, Automotive
055-86 Tanks, Miscellaneous, Including Parts And Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
055-88 Tops And Covers, Short Wheelbase Vehicles
055-89 Warning Devices, Triangular, Including Slow Moving Vehicle Signs
055-90 Wheelchair Lift And Accessories, Vehicle-Mounted
055-91 Vehicle Safety Systems: Collision Avoidance And Impact Sensing, Automotive
055-95 Recycled Automotive Accessory Items
Code Description
065-05 Aerial Ladders And Towers, Including Buckets For Personnel
065-07 Bodies, Including Parts And Accessories, Passenger Automobiles
065-08 Bodies, Animal Control
065-10 Bodies, Utility
065-12 Body And Frame Parts, Including Bed Extenders (Not Otherwise Classified)
065-15 Bookmobile Bodies
065-16 Brush Guards, Truck
065-17 Bus Bodies, School
065-23 Cement Truck Bodies
065-25 Covers, Camper Shells, Load Covers, Etc., For Trucks
065-27 Derrick, Digger, Truck Mounted
065-30 Dump Bodies, Hoist Subframes, Etc.
065-34 Fire Protection And Crash Rescue Bodies
065-35 Flat Bed Bodies
065-40 Grain Bodies
065-43 Handles, Grab
065-44 Hatches, Roof, Ventilation, Emergency Exit, Etc.
065-45 Headache Racks, Truck Bodies
065-50 Ladder Rack Bodies
065-55 Livestock Bodies
065-60 Milk Delivery Bodies
065-62 Mobile Service And Lubrication Bodies
065-65 Oil Field Bodies
065-66 Ordnance, Explosive, Disposal Bodies
065-67 Platform Bodies, Including Elevating Type
065-68 Powerlift Tailgate
065-69 Pickup Truck Bodies
065-70 Refrigerated Bodies
065-72 Recycled Automotive Bodies, Including Parts And Accessories
065-75 Refuse/Garbage Collection Bodies, Including Parts And Accessories
065-78 Sewer/Catch Basin Cleaning Body And Equipment
065-79 Spreader Boxes
065-80 Stake Bodies, Including Parts And Accessories
065-83 Tanker Truck Bodies
065-84 Tarpaulins For Truck Bodies (See 450-15 And 77 For Other Types)
065-85 Tool Compartment Boxes, Trucks
065-86 Class 8 Trucks (33,001 Lb. Gvwr And Over)
065-87 Truck Bed Liners
065-88 Trailer Bodies And Parts, Including Access Steps And Ladders
065-90 Van Truck Bodies
065-92 Water Tank Bodies
065-94 Winches And Cranes, Automotive
065-95 Wrecker Bodies
Code Description
060-01 Adapters And Clevises, Automotive Parts
060-02 Accessories, Freightliner
060-03 Antifreeze
060-06 Axles, Trailers And Trucks, Tandem And Single
060-09 Batteries And Charging Stations For Electric Automobiles, Including Recycled Types
060-12 Batteries, Storage, Including Electrolyte And Recycled Types, Automotive
060-14 Brake Adjusters
060-15 Brakes, Electric Controller
060-18 Brake Fluid, Hydraulic
060-21 Brakes, Repairs, And Replacements, Not Electric Controller
060-23 Bushings And Related Items
060-24 Cables, Looms, And Terminals, Including Fuse Holders, (See 280-75 For Cable And Wire Ties)
060-27 Cement, Radiator
060-33 Clamps, Hose
060-35 Cooling System: Radiators, Complete And Cores; Thermostats; Water Pumps; Etc.
060-36 Electrical Accessories: Alternators, Ammeters, Distributors, Generators, Regulators, Starters, Etc.
060-37 Electrical Parts, Not Ignition, (Not Otherwise Classified)
060-38 Engines, Diesel, Including Replacement Parts, Automotive
060-39 Engines, Dual Fuel, Including Replacement Part, Automotive
060-40 Engines, Gasoline: Complete, Short Block, And Parts
060-41 Exhaust System: Clamps, Exhaust Pipes, Mufflers, Tailpipes, Catalytic Converters, Etc.
060-42 Filters, Air, Fuel, Oil, Power Steering, Transmission And Water, And Pcv Valves
060-43 Engines, Lpg, Including Replacement Parts, Automotive
060-45 Fittings, For Copper Tubing
060-46 Front End Alignment Parts And Accessories (See 075 For Equipment)
060-47 Fuel System: Carburetors And Kits, Fuel Pumps, Tanks And Caps, Etc.
060-50 Fuses, Automotive
060-54 Gaskets And Gasket Material, Automotive
060-57 Glass And Supplies: Door, Windshield, Etc., Automotive
060-58 Governors, Engine And Road Speed
060-60 Hose And Hose Fittings: Brake, Heater, Radiator, Vacuum, Washer, Wiper, Etc.
060-61 Hydraulic System Components And Parts
060-63 Ignition System: Coils, Condensers, Points, Rotors, Spark Plugs (Not Aircraft), Spark Plug Wires, Etc.
060-64 Lubricating System And Parts (See 060-42 For Filters And Class 075 For Equipment)
060-65 Power And Drive Train Components And Parts
060-66 Parts And Accessories, Automotive, Miscellaneous (Not Otherwise Classified)
060-67 Recycled Automotive Parts
060-69 Remanufactured Engines, Transmissions, Differentials And Rear Axle Assemblies
060-70 Replacement Parts For Chrysler (Mopar)
060-71 Replacement Parts For Ford
060-72 Replacement Parts For General Motors
060-73 Replacement Parts For International Harvester
060-74 Replacement Parts For Other Than Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, And International Harvester
060-75 Retread Rubber
060-78 Retreading Equipment
060-79 Seals And O-Rings
060-83 Shock Absorbers, Struts, Etc.
060-84 Springs, Leaves, Suspensions, Etc., Including Sway Bars
060-86 Steering Components And Parts
060-87 Tire And Tube Repair Items And Vulcanizers
060-93 Tire Sealing Compound
060-94 Transmissions, Standard And Automatic, Including Clutch Assemblies And Parts
060-95 Wheel Bearings And Seals
060-96 Wheels And Rims, Including Wheel Covers And Hubcaps
060-97 Windshield Wiper And Washer Assemblies, And Parts, Including Windshield Washer Fluid
Code Description
075-01 Air Powered Shop Tools, Regulators, Including Parts And Accessories
075-02 Alarm Systems, Visual And Audio, Electrically And Mechanically Operated Doors
075-03 Aligners, Balancers, Including Parts And Accessories, Wheel
075-06 Battery Chargers And Testers, Automotive (See Also Class 726)
075-08 Brake Bench Stands
075-10 Brushes And Cleaning Compounds, Automotive Cleaning
075-12 Carbon Removing Tools
075-14 Cements, For Chromatid Felt, Gaskets, Trim, And Weather Strip, And Gasket Shellac
075-17 Chamois And Sponges, Including Car Wash Mittens And Windshield Squeegees
075-19 Cleaning And Washing Equipment: Steam, Cold And Hot Water Pressure And Jet Types, Portable And Stationary (Also See 075-49)
075-20 Crankshaft Truing And Engine Stands
075-22 Creepers
075-24 Diagnostic Instrument System, Emission Testing, Automotive
075-25 Dynamometers
075-27 Fender Covers
075-28 Files, Ignition, Tungsten Point
075-29 Flush And Fill Equipment And Tools: Automatic Transmissions, Cooling Systems, Power Steering Systems, Etc.
075-31 Grinders, Cylinder Hone And Valve Seat: Portable Boring Machines; Hones; And Boring Bars
075-33 Hand Tools, Air Conditioning, Including Refrigerant Charging Equipment, Automotive
075-34 Hand Tools, Body Rebuilder's
075-35 Hand Tools, Special Automotive: Brake Tools, Body And Fender Dollies, Hand Operated Pullers, Mechanic's Inspection Mirror, Etc. (For Hardware See Class 450)
075-36 Hose, Exhaust, Shop Use Only
075-38 Hydrometers: Antifreeze And Battery
075-39 Inspection Systems, Under Vehicle Type
075-41 Jacks, Safety Stands, Portable Cranes, Including Parts And Accessories: Automobiles, Trailers, Trucks, And Transmissions
075-42 Lights, Drop, And Other Remote Work Lights, With Cords
075-43 Lathes, Armature And Brake Drum
075-44 Lifts And Hoists, Floor Type: Electric, Hydraulic, Or Pneumatic
075-46 Lubrication Equipment: Guns, Hoses, Fittings, Lubricators, Oil Pumps, Etc., Including Oil Filter Presses
075-47 Mechanic's Equipment And Tools (Not Otherwise Classified)
075-48 Mechanic's Wire
075-49 Parts Washing Equipment Including Air Agitated And Pump Agitated (Also See 075-19)
075-50 Oil Analysis And Diagnostic Equipment
075-54 Presses And Pullers, Machine Powered, Including Frame Alignment
075-55 Reclamation Equipment, Automotive, Including Refrigerant Recovery
075-56 Recycled Automotive Products (Not Otherwise Classified)
075-57 Reel And Hose Assemblies, Air And Water Dispensing
075-60 Refinisher Product, Including Polish And Body Filler, (See Class 630 For Paint)
075-63 Relining Equipment, Brakes
075-64 Shop And Mechanic's Equipment And Supplies, Recycled
075-65 Spark Plug Cleaner And Tester, Electric
075-66 Specialty Products: Carburetor Cleaning Compound, Radiator Flush And Stop Leak, Transmission Sealing Compound, Water Pump Lubricant, Windshield Washer Solvent, Etc.
075-67 Spring Tester, To Balance Valve Springs, Etc.
075-68 Spill Containment, Clean-Up, And Hazardous Waste Elimination System, Vehicle Maintenance And Repair Work
075-69 Starting Equipment, Vehicle, Equipment Battery, Not Battery To Battery
075-72 Tachometer, With Wheel For Speed Recording
075-78 Testers: Engine Analysis, Headlight, Ignition, Timing, Compression, Oscilloscopes, Stroboscopes, Etc.
075-81 Tire Changing Equipment
075-83 Tire Changing Tools And Accessories: Lug Wrenches, Tire Gauges, Tire Mounting Lubricant, Tire Pumps, Etc.
075-84 Tire Storage Racks
075-85 Tire Treatments, Anti-Skid
075-87 Tow Bars, Chains, Ropes And Straps
075-89 Training Aids And Instructional Equipment And Supplies, Automotive
075-90 Undercoater Equipment And Accessories
075-92 Undercoating Compounds
075-94 Wheel Chocks, Blocks
075-95 Valve Grinding Compounds
075-96 Washing Systems, Automatic, Stationary, Automotive
075-97 Windshield Replacement Tools
Code Description
080-10 Badges, Buttons, Emblems, And Id Cards, Celluloid And Plastic: Student, Faculty, Membership, Employee, Etc.
080-15 Badges, Buttons, Emblems, And Patches, Metal: Cap, Game Wardens', Officers', Service Awards, Uniform, Etc.
080-25 Card Holders, All Types (See Class 578 For Metal)
080-30 Nameplates, Engraved And Easels
080-35 Convention Badges And Name Tags, Adhesive Back
080-38 Convention Badges And Name Tags, Nonadhesive Type
080-40 Holders, Metal: Card, Door Name Card, Label, Etc.
080-44 Fasteners, For Badges, Etc.: Metal, Plastic, Etc.
080-45 Folders, Presentation
080-46 Holders, Metal: Card, Door Name Card, Label, Etc.
080-50 Nameplates, Metal, Adhesive Back
080-53 Nameplates, Metal, Non-Adhesive Back
080-55 Nameplates, Plastic
080-56 Nameplates, Specialty, Including Clocks, Logos, Pen/Pencil Sets, Etc.
080-57 Ribbons And Rosettes, For Awards And Non-Award
080-60 Recycled Awards, Convention Items, Trophies, Etc.
080-65 Service Awards, Specialty Type
080-69 Tags: Luggage, Security, Identification
080-70 Tags, Metal, Adhesive Back: Inventory, Property, Tool, Etc.
080-73 Tags, Metal, Non-Adhesive Back: Inventory, Property, Skiff, Seine Trawl, Etc.
080-75 Tags, Pet Identification
080-78 Trophies, Plaques, Awards, Certificates, Etc. (Not Otherwise Classified)
Code Description
085-08 Bags, Biodegradable
085-10 Bagging, Burlap, For Baling Cotton
085-15 Bags, Burlap Or Jute
085-20 Bags, Canvas, Cotton Or Duck, Except Mail
085-25 Bags, Cement
085-26 Bags, Dunnage
085-27 Bags, Denim
085-28 Bags, Hazardous Material
085-30 Bags, Mail
085-35 Bags, Muslin
085-40 Bags, Osnaburg
085-45 Bags: Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene
085-50 Bags, Potato
085-55 Bags, Sand
085-56 Bags, Straw
085-65 Patterns, Cotton Bagging
085-73 Recycled Bags And Erosion Control Items
085-75 Sacks, Cotton Harvesting
085-80 Seals, Mailbag, Etc.
085-85 Soil Erosion Sheeting Material, Including Silt Fencing: Asphalt, Biodegradable Paper, Burlap, Excelsior, Jute, Straw, Etc.
085-90 Ties For Bags And Cotton Bales
Code Description
090-16 Dough Mixers
090-24 Dough Sheeters And Dividers
090-32 Dough Troughs
090-40 Dough Trucks
090-48 Flour Sifters
090-56 Ovens, Bakery
090-60 Pins, Rolling
090-64 Proof Boxes
090-70 Refurbished Bakery Equipment And Supplies
090-72 Roll Dividers And Rounders
090-80 Slicers, Bread
090-88 Tables, Bakers'
090-96 Wrapping Machines, Bakery
Code Description
095-05 Barber Chairs And Parts
095-08 Barber Jackets
095-11 Barber Shop Basins, Bowls, And Fittings
095-14 Barber Shop Cabinets And Parts
095-17 Barber Shop Mirrors
095-20 Barber Shop Sterilizers, And Sterilizing Jars
095-21 Barber Shop And Beauty Shop Sundries: Clipper Lubricants, Disinfectants, Dispensing Bottles, Mugs, Neck Dusters, Trays, Etc.
095-23 Beauty Shop Basins, Bowls, And Fittings
095-26 Beauty Shop Cabinets And Parts
095-29 Beauty Shop Chairs And Parts
095-32 Beauty Shop Foot Rests
095-35 Beauty Shop Lamps And Parts
095-38 Beauty Shop Mirrors
095-41 Beauty Shop Stools
095-44 Beauty Shop Tables
095-48 Cases, For Barber And Beauty Kits
095-50 Chair Cloths, Shampoo Capes, And Clips
095-53 Clippers And Parts, Hair
095-62 Dryers, Curling Irons, And Parts, Hair
095-66 Make-Up Mirrors
095-71 Lather Makers And Parts
095-72 Mats, Barber Chair
095-77 Recycled Barber And Beauty Shop Sundries, Accessories And Supplies
095-89 Scissors, Shears And Tweezers
095-92 Strops And Hones, Razor
095-95 Vibrators, Massagers, And Parts
Code Description
100-04 Baskets, All Types (Not Otherwise Classified)
100-05 Boxes, Crates, Baskets (Inactive, Effective January 1, 2016)
100-06 Containers, Plastic, All Purpose)
100-07 Containers, Recycling
100-08 Covers, Drum, All Types And Sizes
100-09 Casks, All Types
100-10 Drum Spigots, Metal Or Plastic
100-11 Crates, Plywood
100-15 Drums, Miscellaneous
100-20 Flip-Top Cap Closures
100-21 Freight And Cargo Containers, Shipping, (See Class 640 For Boxes)
100-25 Gaskets, All Types: Barrels, Drums, Kegs, And Pails
100-30 Hazardous Material Containment And Storage, Chemicals
100-31 Hazardous Material Containment/Storage, Petroleum
100-34 Holders And Containers. Compost
100-37 Labels, Hazardous Material Container
100-40 Pail-Type Containers, Steel
100-45 Plastic Barrels And Drums, Reinforced
100-49 Plugging Compounds, Chemically Resistant, Pre-Mixed Or Dry, Temporarily Stops Leaks In Drums, Tanks, And Other Containers
100-50 Plugs, Drum
100-51 Pumps, Drum
100-56 Recycled Containers, All Types
100-57 Repair Supplies And Equipment For All Types Of Containers
100-60 Stainless Steel Drums
100-67 Steel Barrels, Drums, And Kegs
100-85 Wooden Barrels And Drums
Code Description
105-12 Ball Bearings And Parts
105-18 Bearing Assemblies, Including Hanger Bearings And Custom-Made Bearings
105-30 Bearings And Parts (For Marine Equipment)
105-32 Bearings, Various Types (Not Otherwise Classified)
105-36 Journal Boxes
105-48 Pillow Blocks, For Bearings
105-58 Recycled Bearings
105-60 Roller And Needle Bearings And Parts, Straight
105-72 Roller Taper Bearings And Parts
105-84 Sleeve Bearings And Parts
Code Description
110-09 Accessories: Dressing, Hooks, Laces, Etc.
110-10 Belts, Ferry Equipment
110-13 Belts, Recycled
110-18 Conveyor And Elevator: Canvas And Duck
110-22 Conveyor And Elevator: Neoprene, Plastic, And Rubber
110-26 Conveyor, Food Processing: Neoprene, Plastic, And Rubber (Inactive, Effective January 1, 2016)
110-33 Flat Belts: Automotive And Lawn Mower, Serpentine, Plain And Grooved, Rubber
110-40 Power Transmission, Canvas Or Duck
110-48 Power Transmission, Leather
110-56 Power Transmission: Neoprene, Plastic, And Rubber
110-63 Recycled Automotive And Industrial Belts
110-74 V-Belts, Automotive Fan And Generator
110-82 V-Belts, Industrial
110-90 V-Belts, Fractional Horsepower
110-95 V-Belts, Wedge Type, Oil And Heat Resistant, And Static Conducting
Code Description
115-05 Biochemical Reagents And Tests: Antibiotic Assays, Differentiation Discs, Etc.
115-10 Biochemicals: Amino Acids, Enzymes, Nucleotides, Peptides, Etc.
115-12 Blood Fractions, Not For Human Use: Antigens, Antiserums, Controls, Serums, Etc.
115-14 Catalysts, Biochemical
115-15 Chemicals, Isotopically Labeled, With Deuterium, Radionuclides, Etc.
115-18 Culture Media, Dehydrated
115-19 Culture Media, Prepared, (See 495-38 For Microbial Cultures)
115-50 Nutritional Chemicals, Not For Human Use: Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins, Etc.
115-67 Recycled Biochemicals
115-70 Research Diets, Special Purpose, For Experimental Animals, Including Diets For Beneficial Insects
115-90 Stains, Prepared
Code Description
120-05 Agitators, Fish Tank
120-08 Airboats And Inflatable Boats
120-09 Anodes, Including Parts And Accessories
120-10 Anchors
120-11 Animal Capture Guns And Accessories
120-12 Bait, Fish
120-13 Battery Boxes And Battery Chargers, Marine
120-14 Barges
120-15 Bells, Ship
120-16 Bilge Pumps And Boat Bailers
120-17 Control Systems, Boat, Ship, Marine, Environmental
120-18 Boat Components (Not Otherwise Classified)
120-19 Boat Fenders
120-20 Boat Ramps And Parts
120-21 Boats, 21 Feet And Under
120-22 Boats, Recreational (Not Otherwise Classified)
120-23 Boats, Over 21 Feet, Including Ferries
120-24 Boats, Pedal And Pontoon
120-25 Bridges, Passenger Loading
120-26 Buoys, Marker
120-27 Bollards, Mooring Devices
120-28 Communications Equipment, Marine
120-29 Camels, Structure To Lift Submerged Vessels
120-30 Canoes And Kayaks
120-31 Cranes, Container
120-32 Chiller, Water, Large Flow Capacity To Chill Hatchery Water
120-33 Depth Finders Or Indicators
120-34 Culture Equipment And Supplies, Fish, Aquaculture; Pisciculture
120-35 Docks And Piers, Fixed And Floating: Dock Systems, Gangways, Marinas, Wharfs, Etc.
120-36 Electrical Parts And Accessories, Marine
120-37 Fish Locators And Shockers
120-38 Fish And Marine Life Incubators, Accessories And Related Equipment
120-39 Fish Tanks, Holding And Transport
120-40 Fuel Tanks, Boat
120-41 Gates, Safety, Marine
120-42 Gauges, Marine
120-43 Hydraulic Systems, Marine
120-44 Hardware, Fittings, Parts, And Supplies, Boat, Except Spark Plugs
120-45 Hatcheries, Ranches, And Other Fishery Resources
120-46 Hatching Equipment, Fish, Including Jars And Standpipes
120-47 Lifeboats, Sailboats And Dinghies
120-48 Life Preservers
120-50 Lights, Beacon And Signal
120-52 Lights, Marine Navigation, Boat
120-53 Line Throwing Apparatus, Rocket
120-54 Marine Equipment And Supplies, Recycled
120-55 Minnow Tanks
120-56 Motor And Engine Parts And Accessories, Miscellaneous, Marine
120-57 Motors, Marine, Electric
120-58 Motors, Inboard, Diesel, Marine
120-59 Motor Conversion Unit, Outboard Propeller To Jet Water Drive
120-60 Motors, Inboard, Gasoline
120-62 Motors, Outboard, Diesel
120-63 Motors, Outboard, Gasoline
120-64 Navigation Instruments, Marine: Compasses, Sextant, Etc. (See Class 220 For Electronic Navigation Equipment)